It is a fact that new innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies have appeared in the shipping industry that contribute to the digital transformation and improve the performance of every shipping company.
The demands and needs for solving long-standing problems are imperative and in the new business environment that is being created, change and-fast adaptation is the rule in view of the rapidly emerging digital world landscapes.

From theory to implementation: is it shipping digitalization the “Ship of Theseus” and the holistic Organizational change of the future?

New technologies such as IoT, blockchain, big data and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), but also the upcoming 5G, can modernize the way the fleet is organized and managed, predict failures and reduce operational expenses.
All of the above means economy, increased productivity, sustainability and competitiveness and of course better quality of services offered by shipping companies to their customers, which will also mark the adoption of a modern regulatory framework that will govern this market.
The first digitized ports are already a fact and the era of the unmanned ship is ante portas, so it is obvious that whoever realizes the upcoming changes will turn their digital advantage into a business benefit.
These are some of the challenges and the opportunities that will be presented at the 2nd Digital Modern Shipping Conference, as the Shipping industry ecosystem is looking an objective dialogue as well as suitable solutions that will reinforce and expand the dynamics of shipping digitalization.

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